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Grovel Your Way Backstage

Have you always wanted to hang out backstage at Flaming Gorge Days?  Well, here's you chance to "Grovel Your Way Backstage" with me, JJ from Lunchbox Rock on 99.7 KSIT!  These are my personal passes and I want to give them to one lucky listener of Lunchbox Rock on 99.7 KSIT.

Here's what you have to do:

1.  Upload a video to my Facebook page, Radio JJ on Rock 99.  Video must not exceed 60 seconds.
2.  Please, NO CRAZY STUNTS.  I don't want anyone getting hurt!
3.  DO be creative and have fun!

Here are the RULES:
1,  The winner and their guest must be 21+.  Yes, I will card you.
2.  The winner will be announced on June 26th, 2014.
3.  I, JJ, reserve the right to change the rules at anytime.
4.  Flaming Gorge Days is not responsible for this contest.  These are my personal backstage passes.
5.  The winner and their guest must follow the backstage rules of Flaming Gorge Days, which will be presented to the winner.
6.  JJ, nor Wyo Radio, nor Flaming Gorge Days will not be responsible for any accomodations.
7.  The backstage passes may not be transfered/sold to another person, business or organization.

8.  The backstage passes DO NOT guarantee a "meet and greet" with the bands.   BUT you do get to hang out backstage, watch the concerts from the front row section with the myself and the FGD committee and VIP parking!

For more information or any questions please email JJ here.


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